Armasight Zeus 3X, 640X512, 30Hz, 75mm Thermal Scope


The Armasight Zeus 3X 640-30 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope boasts a FLIR Tau 2 uncooled vanadium oxide thermal core with a 640×512 pixel, 17 micron, 30Hz frame-rate detector situated behind a 75mm germanium lens.

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Device Technology:Thermal Imaging, FLIR VOx Core
Resolution:640×512, 30hz, 17 micron
Lens System:3X,75mm
FOV H°xV°:8.3×6.6
Detection Range/Meters:1800
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  • Pixel Array Format: 640×512
  • Display Type AMOLED SVGA 800×600
  • “Reticle Type 6-Pattern Digitally Controlled: “”Dot 4 MOA””,
  • “”Line Dot””, “”Cross-Center Dot””, “”Cross””, “”Crosshair””, and “”No Reticle”””
  • Battery Two CR 123A (2x3V)
  • Operating Temperature -40 to +57C (-40 to +134 F)
  • Storage Temperature -50 to +85 C (-58 to +185 F)
  • Battery Life at 20 C (68 F) up to 4 hr
  • Pixel Size 17 microns
  • Objective F-number 1.0