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The FWS-1 is a silent, lightweight, man-portable, battery-powered IR weapon sight intended for surveillance and target acquisition on individual weapons.

The FWS-1 is effective in day, night, adverse weather, dirty battelfield and limited visibility (total darkness, smoke, fog, dust and haze) conditions.  The FWS-1  cannot see through glass.

The FWS-1 may be employed in Stand Alone, Clip On, and RTA operational configurations. The FWS-1 is comprised of the FWS-1, Remote and RTA Battery (Cable and Pack OPTIONAL)

The FWS-1, when used as an RTA fused sight in conjunction with the ENVG, enebles the user to perform rapid and covert offensive targeting in all battlefield conditions. Several user selectable RTA fusion display modes and sight adjustment are available for Operator selection.

The FWS-1, when used as a Clip On sight with teh M68 CCO or M150 RCO, enables the user to view the FWS-1 thermal image through the CCO/RCO device without disturbing weapon zero.

Features and benefits
• Rapid Target Acquisition (RTA) technology – Quickly
locate and engage targets from any location without raising the
weapon to the eye, keeping soldiers both safe and more lethal.
• 12-micron technology – Provides the sharpest image quality
in a smaller and lighter package, allowing soldiers to identify and
engage targets day or night, and in smoke, dust, haze, or fog.
• Intuitive design – Easily switch between modes of use with
a touch of a button, improving situational awareness, and
soldier confidence.
• Multiple modes – Image overlay, picture in picture and scope
only view options tailored to meet the multi-environmental
conditions today’s soldier encounters.
• Short-range wireless transmission – Enables multiple units
to work in close proximity without interference and jamming.
• Long-lasting battery life – Extends mission time without
adding to pack load