This amazing unit includes; an Eye Piece that will allow you to use it as a stand alone spotter, Remote Trigger for focus and adjustments, Light Shroud, Lens caps and Bag.

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The Family of Weapon Sights — Sniper (FWS-S) will mount in-line with a sniper’s day optic on the M110, M2010, M107, the Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System and the Precision Sniper Rifle. The FWS-S will provide the sniper with infrared (thermal) imagery in all weather conditions, through obscurants and under all lighting conditions.


FWS-S thermal sensor extends lethality for snipers to 1,800 meters, three times longer than the 600 meter capability provided by an image intensified system. The FWS-S will be the first clip-on thermal weapon sight specifically developed and fielded by the Army for the sniper community.


  • Man-sized target recognition at night: 70 percent probability at 1,800 meters (threshold) and 2,200 meters (objective)
  • Man-sized target recognition through smoke or other obscurants: 90 percent probability at 600 meters (threshold) and 800 meters (objective)
  • Total system weight: Less than or equal to 2 pounds (threshold) and 1.75 pounds (objective)
  • Field-of-view: Greater than or equal to 4 degrees (threshold) and 9 degrees (objective)

Family of Weapon Sights (FWS) is a family of weapon sights that enable combat forces to acquire and engage targets with small arms and to conduct surveillance and fire control under day/night obscurants, no light, and adverse weather conditions. The family utilizes advancements in thermal and low light level sensors to produce Individual (I), Crew-Served (CS), and Sniper (S) weapon sights operable in-line with a
day optic or in stand-alone mode. This project integrates smaller pixel focal plane arrays in multiple large format sizes to improve sensitivity, clarity, and range, while simultaneously reducing the size, weight and
power consumption of all variants.