ENVG III/ FWS-I night vision mobility and targeting system


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  • 12-micron thermal technology produces sharp thermal images – day or night
  • Rapid Target Acquisition (RTA) technology aids the shooter by providing the ability to simultaneously display the weapon sight imagery and aim point in the goggle, allowing the user to aim the weapon at targets without shouldering it

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Features and benefits
• Rapid Target Acquisition (RTA) technology – Quickly
locate and engage targets from any location without raising the
weapon to the eye, keeping soldiers both safe and more lethal.
• 12-micron technology – Provides the sharpest image quality
in a smaller and lighter package, allowing soldiers to identify and
engage targets day or night, and in smoke, dust, haze, or fog.
• Intuitive design – Easily switch between modes of use with
a touch of a button, improving situational awareness, and
soldier confidence.
• Multiple modes – Image overlay, picture in picture and scope
only view options tailored to meet the multi-environmental
conditions today’s soldier encounters.
• Short-range wireless transmission – Enables multiple units
to work in close proximity without interference and jamming.
• Long-lasting battery life – Extends mission time without
adding to pack load.

Integrated weapon sight and goggle

Unlike other systems, our solution eliminates the need to switch between night vision goggles and weapon-mounted thermal sights when identifying or engaging threats. Comprised of two devices – the ENVG III night vision goggles and FWS-I thermal weapon sight – our solution wirelessly integrates both elements into a single system. By connecting these devices, we allow soldiers to quickly acquire and engage targets with no delay.

Small and light

Both devices have been optimized to minimize size and weight, making it one of the most compact and capable integrated targeting units on the market. By cutting the optic size in half, we allow dismounted warfighters to easily maneuver by reducing the weight they need to carry into combat.

Low power

Both the ENVG III and FWS-I are optimized for minimal power consumption, reducing extra weight as a result of battery loads.

Easy to operate

Our intuitive user interface is easy to use, allowing operators to switch between modes at the push of a button. The system provides picture-in-picture and scope-only views for a multitude of ways to engage targets.