The DTNVG is a lightweight, yet rugged night vision binocular designed for professional end users such as Military and Law Enforcement personnel.  Operator input lead to one of the highest quality / lowest weight systems on the market.

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The DTNVG incorporates advanced solid state technology to control all aspects of the system’s operation.  This allows for expanded feature set and higher reliability than other NVG’s – all while having reduced power consumption for extended mission time.  The first thing users will notice is the reduced weight compared to most conventional goggles, but that is just the tip of the spear.  The DTNVG features independently pivoting optic pods.  This allows the user to individually pivot each pod out of the way – effectively allowing the binocular to be used as a monocular.  While this is not an exclusive feature, the DTNVG takes the concept a step further.  When the optic pods are pivoted up (either together or one at a time), they automatically shut off.  This further reduces power consumption while also increasing operator safety.  When the optic pods shut off from being pivoted up, there is no longer a green glow splashed on the operator’s helmet.  The pivot feature further enhances operational capability by providing a lower profile stowage option.  When the goggle is flipped up, the optic pods can be peeled back towards the helmet instead of sticking out like a giant horn on the operator’s helmet.

The DTNVG features an integral IR illuminator for close-in use during SSE tasks.  Independent “IR On” and “Low Battery” lights provide useful status updates to the user while looking through the goggle.  It attaches to any standard dovetail “spade” helmet mount.

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