HALO-LR 640 3X 50mm Thermal Weapon Sight


Device Technology: Thermal Imaging
Sensor Resolution: 640×480
Optical Magnification: 3X
Digital Magnification: 8X
Sensor Pixel Size: 12 Micron
Sensor Frame Rate: 60hz
Objective Focal Length: 50mm
Objective Diameter: 50mm
Objective F#: 1.2
Detection Range: 2020

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The HALO-LR is a lightweight, compact, narrow field of view 3X 640×480 thermal scope designed for medium range shooting. The HALO-LR is manufactured in the USA with high quality components including a BAE 12 micron core, Janos 50mm germanium lens, OLED display and an aircraft grade aluminum housing. The HALO-LR has the unique feature of being the only commercially available 640 12 micron thermal weapon sight that allows external power and video output through the same connector.