L3 AN/PSQ-36 Fusion Goggle Enhanced (FGE)


• Compact, lightweight, ergonomic design
• Compatible with all standard issue near-IR aiming lasers
• Designed to work with weapon-mounted aiming and laser systems
• Target identification in light rain, smoke, snow, low light
and total darkness
• Can be used handheld or helmet-mounted
• Interoperable with ANVIS or BNVIS helmet mounts
• Battery pack provides extended operation

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The FGE combines the light amplification capability of Image Intensified (I2) devices, such as AN/PVS-15 night vision goggles, with the heat-sensing capability of thermal imaging systems. The FGE allows the operator to adjust the viewed image from 100% I2 to 100% thermal, or a varying mix of the two. The system amplifies available light and thermal signatures and fuses them to produce a clear image under adverse conditions. The FGE provides unparalleled image resolution in situations where active IR illumination is not an option.