L3 Harris AN/PVS-31 Power Pack and COTI Cable

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The L3Harris Battery Power Supply provides extended battery life to Night Vision devices from four (4) Lithium AA batteries, extending the operating span to 50+ hours for most devices, making it especially useful for BNVD systems using single AA batteries as onboard power sources.

The L3Harris Battery Power Supply is a standard issue item with the AN/PVS-31A BNVD and AN/PSQ-36 FGE, and has two built-in IR strobes for IFF (Identification Friend/Foe), and is built out of high density glass-filled polymer and contoured to fit most tactical helmets and attaches using Velcro hook affixed to the inside surface of the power supply allowing to act as a counterweight as well, and is compatible with the TNVC Mohawk MK 3 Gen. 2 battery pack/counterweight system.

The L3Harris Battery Power Supply uses a modular cable that connects to the device, and is compatible with both BNVS (dovetail) systems that have the appropriate connection socket such as the AN/PVS-31 (L3/EOTech BNVD) and BNVD-1531 using a 25″ BNVD cable with right angle connectors.

*Note: the BNVD connector will not work properly with LEMO connectors–in some cases the BNVD cable may provide power to the device, but is strongly discouraged, and may void device warranties.

The Battery Power Supply can also be used with ANVS (ball-detent) systems utilizing a LEMO connector such as AN/AVS-6/9/10 ANVIS, TNV/Sentinel, AN/PVS-23 (F5050), and GPNVG (ANVS configuration) using the 8″ ANVS cable (due to the cable length, it will not interface directly with devices not using ANVS powered mounts).