AN/PAS-13c(v)1 Weapon Thermal Sight


This AN/PAS-13c(v)1 light weapon thermal sight (LWTS) is in great condition with Bag and Battery Cartridges x2.
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The AN/PAS-13c(v)1 Thermal Weapon Sight (TWS), AN/PAS-13 family enables soldiers with individual and crew served weapons to see deep into the battlefield, increase surveillance and target acquisition range, and penetrate obscurants, day or night.

The TWS systems use uncooled, forward-looking infrared technology (IR) and provide a standard video output for training, image transfer, or remote viewing. Thermal weapon sights are lightweight systems that are mountable onto a weapon rail and operate to the maximum effective range of the weapon.

As a “family” of weapon sights, there are actually 3 distinct versions.

The AN/PAS-13c(V)1 Light Weapon Thermal Sight (LWTS) is meant for the M16 and M4 series of rifles and carbines, as well as the AT4/M136 Light Anti-Armor Weapon.

It weighs 1.8 lbs.