Andres Industries AG TILO-3Z +


The TILO-3 ™ is the smallest thermal goggle in the world. It works as a head lamp at the same time.

  • Odernumber – 380103
  • Resolution Microbolometer – 320×256 Pixel 60 Hz
  • Spectralband / Pixel Pitch – 7,5-13,5 µm / 12 µm uncooled microbolometer
  • FOV – horizontal 24° / vertical 19°
  • Diplay (OLED)Resolution – color 873×500 Pixel

Optional Accessories

  • Helmet Mount – adapter for ballistic helmets optional
  • Head Mount –  Head Mount adapter and head band optional
  • Eyecup, Shutter Eyecup, Standard Helmet Mount, helmet adaptors, MOLLE-pouch, External Power Supply with cable


1 in stock (can be backordered)


The TILO-3Z + ™ is the improved version of the TILO-3Z ™. It has a particularly high thermal resolution of <40mK and thus delivers even in poor environmental conditions still high-contrast images. Such high quality is often only found in the much larger cooled thermal imaging devices.

The professional version of the TILO-3Z ™ also has a much higher frame rate of 60Hz. This means that the picture is much quieter and there is almost no delay between sensor and screen image.

Furthermore, the TILO-3M ™ still has the following advantages over the civil version:

  • Eyepiece optics protected with sapphire crystal
  • Housing reinforced with nanotubes
  • Housing color black

This is a TILO-3™ with a more powerful lens. That
makes it more suitable for long-range reconnaissance.
Due to the double optical magnification,
the TILO-3Z+2× has a high detection range of
1000 meters, just like the TILO-6™, but for a more
little sister the TILO-3™, it can still be worn
comfortably on the helmet and of course it also
has a headlamp function.
Remarkable runtime of over 3 hours in thermal
mode. In the Z-version it is already available at a
low starter offer, comfortable price.
The disadvantage, however, is the limited function
as thermal imaging glasses, since the angle of view
is reduced from 24° to 12° due to the stronger 2×