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With the 30mm camera adapter, our dealer ACTinBlack offers a handy camera adapter, with which the TILO can be mounted in front of corresponding digital cameras. In this way you can take photos directly via the TILO eyepiece optics.

The adapter is compatible with the Nikon COOLPIX A300. With this camera, you can also send the pictures via WLAN to his friends.

The camera adapter can also be used to mount the TILO thermal goggles in front of other optics with 30mm outer diameter.

However, the attachment in front of target optics, as described in the video below, is not permitted in Germany, or requires a corresponding permit.

Since the TILO stands by its extremely robust design even multiple falls from 1.22m on concrete, in which accelerations up to 800G act on the device, the device will certainly take no damage even with such a use. However, we explicitly point out that the TILO series was not designed for use as an attachment but as a thermal lamp.