Optics1 AN/PAS-29A COTI Clip On Thermal Imager


(Clip On Thermal Imager) COTI AN PAS-29 enhances the user’s current Night Vision capabilities by adding a thermal overlay or fused image, helping identify.

  • Aperture: f / 1.15
  • Sensor: Uncooled LWIR Microbolometer
  • Waterproof: 66?
  • Compatible: PVS-7',' PVS-14',' PVS-15',' PVS-18',' PVS-23',' PVS-31',' PVS-22',' PVS-24',' PVS-26
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Dimensions: 5.51?(L) x 1.50?(W) x 2.99?(H)
  • NSN: 5855-01-582-3974
  • Power: One (1) CR123A Battery (Optional Remote Battery Pack)
  • Battery Life: > 3.0 h @ 23?C
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Safran Optics 1
  • Detector: 320 x 240
  • Polarity: white hot or black hot
  • Brightness: adjustable
  • Range Detection: > 500 m
  • Range Recognition: > 300 m
  • Sensitivity: 8 ? 12 ?m
  • Magnification: 1x (optical unity)
  • FOV: 20? circular, centered
  • Objective: Fixed Focus
  • Included: COTI',' Mounting Bracket (PVS-7',' -14',' -23',' -15',' -18)',' Lens Cleaner',' Battery',' Storage Pouch',' Operator?s Manual',' Quick Guide
  • Weight: 5.8 oz.

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The Clip-on Thermal Imager (COTI) enhances situational awareness and increases Warfighter effectiveness at night. Night Vision Devices (NVD’s) work well for target identification, but their detection capabilities are limited. They require ambient light, have trouble seeing into the shadows, and bloom in bright lights. COTI increases the effectiveness of legacy and recently fielded NVD’s by overlaying a thermal image onto a night vision scene. The COTI’s thermal image helps Warfighters find threats and targets of interest and gives them a detection capability not found with standalone NVD’s. A COTI and NVD combination provides Warfighter’s superior identification and detection performance, making them safer and more effective at night.

Resolution 320 x 240
Field of View 20° circular, centered
Magnification 1X optical unity
Objective Fixed Focus
Aperture f/1.15
Sensor Type uncooled LWIR Microbolometer
Image Sensor 320 x 240
Wavelength 8-12 Um
Display Micro Display
Polarity White Hot/Black Hot
Brightness Adjustable
Weight 5.8 ounces
Size 5.5”L X 1.5”W X 3”H
Battery 1 3VDC Lithium, CR123A
Thermal Range
Detection >500m
Recognition >300m
Operating Time
One Battery >3.0 Hrs @ 23°C
Auxiliary Battery Pack >8.0 Hrs @ 23°C
Combined >11.0 Hrs @ 23°C
(w/o change of batteries)