ASR SlideRide Red Dot Sight, Aluminum Body, Click Switch


Heads Up Display for Fastest Target Acquisition

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  • Heads Up Display for Fastest Target Acquisition
  • Super Bright Red Dot with Adjustable Intensity and Interchangeable Dot Module
  • Infinite Adjustment for Windage and Elevation Featuring Positive Locking Screws
  • Aluminum Body, Click Intensity Switch (12 Positions = Off, 2 NV, 1 Low Light and 8 Day light)
  • Direct Mounting for Custom/After Market Mounts
  • C-MORE 30 Year Warranty

DimensionsSRCSRASRSASRLength4.8 in.

(127.5 g)
OpticsLens29 mm, Glass29 mm, Glass29 mm, Glass29 mm, GlassAdjustmentsDual Positive Locking SystemYesYesYesYesMax Adjustment –
Windage & Elevation800moa800moa800moa800moaConstructionBody TypePolymerPolymerAluminumAluminumElectronicsCircuit Board / Hard Mounted ComponentsYesYesYesYesIntensity SwitchStandardClickStandardClickStandard Dot Size8 moa8 moa8 moa8 moaBattery – 3V Lithium
Duracell DL1/3N or Energizer 2L76
YesYesYesYesBattery Life (Hours)300-1500300-1500300-1500300-1500MountingCustom Mounts and Direct Mounting.YesYesYesYesTypeDrill & TapDrill & TapDrill & TapDrill & TapMisc.Submerge Depth200 m200 m200 m200 m

The Slide Ride was originally designed to mount directly to the slide of Glock handguns, which proved the durability and reliability of the C-MORE design by withstanding the rigorous pounding motion of recoil. But the Slide Ride has also become the sight of choice for “custom” applications because of its ability to attach to any flat surface. This enables the sight to be mounted directly to the firearm or a custom made mount, allowing the sight to be applied to applications that may not provide standard mounting options.

Complete warranty terms and conditions can be found here – WARRANTY