COTI CAPABLE SKEET IR L is the Only SKEET that will work with these units.

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The COTI adapter acts just like the PAS-29 COTI. There is a fiber optic periscope that outputs the thermal image into the objective of a PVS-14.

The COTI adapter is form-fitted to match the PVS-14 housing. There are clearances for the protrusions of the PVS-14.

One feature that the SKEETIR COTI adapter has above the PAS-29 COTI is the adjustable thermal image. Take a look at the photo below. The periscope has windage and elevation adjustment screws. This allows you to move the thermal picture anywhere in your field of view through the PVS-14.

In order to get the COTI adapter to project the thermal image, you need to plug the cable into the SKEETIR and adapter. Also, the SKEETIR has to be “COTI COMPATIBLE”.