EOTech CNVD-T2, Clip on Night Vision Thermal w/laser pointer and picture capture – LE ONLY – CQT-001-A12

  • Device Technology:Thermal Imaging
  • Sensor Resolution:320×240
  • Sensor Pixel Size:25 Micron
  • Sensor Frame Rate:60hz
  • Optical Magnification:1X

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The CNVD-T2 is a weapon-mounted thermal sight or a stand-alone thermal detector with an integrated infrared aiming laser. While this unit is optimized for use with short to medium-range optics, it can also be used as a stand-alone detector. It is a true clip-on, pass-through sight that mounts on a 1913 rail in front of your existing sight/scope. It is ruggedized for battlefield conditions, optimized for use with 2-7X optics and can be used on weapon platforms up to .50 caliber. It has a 60 Hz refresh rate for incredibly smooth target acquisition and image panning. The user-friendly menu lets you easily adjust brightness, contrast and change polarity (white and black hot).