Fujinon Stabiscope 10 x 40 5* Day And NightVision


Package Includes: Hard case, day lens, night vision lens, Amber Filters, Sacrificial Lenses, 3 battery packs, 2 battery adapter packs, 12vlt plug and cable, Tripod mounting strap and neck strap.

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Darkness and vibration pose no obstacle

[photo] Night-vision of battleship (top-left), white helicopter flying over snowy mountain (top-right), pilot looking out cockpit of helicopter into sunny horizon (bottom-left), and spotted leopard lying in grass at night

FUJINON’s vibration-proofing binoculars have been supported by many people, and we have also been developing high-performance products for day/night binoculars, which there has been an increasing demand for in recent years. The tougher the environment, such as searching for victims, monitoring suspicious boats or poaching boats, conducting safety checks around the coast or at airports, tracking signs of fish, etc., the more performance of FUJINON’s binoculars stands out.


Our high-performance S1040 model with the latest Gen3 infrared image intensifier tubes for night-time observation.

  • Simply swap the standard eyepiece for the night vision eyepiece with image intensifier tubes (IIT) for a bright field of view that makes it easy to see your subject at night.
  • Contains Fujinon’s proprietary field flattener lens for a bright, sharp field of view and accurate coloring throughout the entire field of view.
  • All lenses and the prisms have a high-quality EBC multi-coating, increasing light permeability.
  • Strong, corrosion resistant aluminum body with non-slip rubber coating.
  • Airtight waterproof structure for worry-free use near water and in humid conditions.