Guardian Beacons


Adventure Lights Guardian is the lightest, brightest, toughest light in its class. This light, unlike its competitors, is visible from all (omni-directional) and extremely impact resistant. In addition, the Guardian is very lightweight and will not restrict movement. The product comes with a variety of attachments that can be fastened to either the user or to the equipment.

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The Guardian is rugged, easy to use and can be seen for over 5 Km/3.1 Miles. With its dual function of flashing and steady on modes, the Guardian can offer over 250 hours of use. Whether on a dark highway with a road crews or commercial fishing, the Guardian is the one light to have when you must be seen. Waterproof to 300 Feet and an operational range from -40 to 50 Degrees Celcius.

The Guardian Mockingbird can be programmed in the field using any IR light source or standard white flashlight. This light can copy and transmit any IR or white signature that is put in front of it; with up to twenty seconds of recording time the possibilities are endless. The Guardian Mockingbird can also clone itself to another IR Guardian or any of our cutting edge VIPIR Mockingbird or Quantum FX products. By simply flipping the battery the user can easily and safely switch between programming and transmission mode.

Both models come in a variety of colors: Yellow/Amber, Red, Blue, Green, White, and Infrared.

Waterproof to 300 Feet

Keep track of Dive Buddies or mark locations. Clip to your pet’s collar for safety on walks or to your children’s backpack on their way to school.

Size: 1.6″  x 1.25″ x 1″
Weight 0.8 oz. w/ Battery & Clip
Visibility (Clear Night) Yellow: 2+ Miles
Red: 1.0+ Miles
Green: 1.0+ Miles
Blue: 1.0+ Miles
White: 3+ Miles (5KM)
LED Life 250,000+ Hours
Battery Life Steady-On: 100 Hrs
Flash: Up to 250 Hrs
Battery Type CR-2032, CR-2016 Lithium Batteries



* Twist cap clockwise until light comes on.

* To turn light off, twist cap counter-clockwise until light turns off.

* To change batteries, twist cap counter clockwise until colored cap separates from base. Replace batteries. Screw cap back on. Batteries available at most retailers

* To change from Flash Mode to Steady On, Remove cap and turn battery over

* To change from Steady On to Flash Mode, Remove cap and turn battery over




This product is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of one year.
Should the product fail for any reason other than abuse or battery expiration, return it for free repair or replacement.



* Reusable time after time

* A simple twist of the cap turns the light on and off 

* Operates in temperatures ranging from -20 C to +50 C

* Waterproof up to 100 meters and even floats upright!

* Environmentally friendly


Light Output Changes from Steady-On to Flash mode, simply by turning the battery over
* Light can be seen up to .6 miles (1 km) in darkness 

* Steady-on mode provides up to 100 hours of operational light on one battery

* Flashing mode provides up to 250 hours of operational light on one battery

* Operates in temperatures ranging from -20 C to +50 C

* Lifetime bulb (up to 100,000 hours)

* Uses an eye safe LED


* Height impact and scratch resistant

* Weighs only 0.9 oz with batteries installed

* Size: 1.5″  x 1.25″ x 1″

* Multiple Adapters and Accessories

* Customized Flash Patterns

* User Programmable “Mockingbird” Beacons available in 5 visible colors and IR

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