Jerry C5 Fusion Thermal Clip On


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Features of Jerry-C Thermal Monocular Helmet Mount

  • Ceramic packaged HD thermal imaging.
  • Latest 12μm HD infrared module, stronger, lighter, and smaller.
  • Ultra-low load, quick installation, and uninstallation.
  • Quick removal interface allows plug-and-play infrared fusion function.
  • Fusion display and threat recognition.
  • Multiple application modes facilitate hot target searching and displaying, helping users to grasp the initiative.


Specifications of Jerry-C Thermal Monocular Helmet Mount

Detector Type              Uncooled VOx infrared detector
Detector Resolution                              640×512
Pixel Size                                  12μm
FOV                                  30.5
View Ratio (40° night vision device)                                 0.765
Display Mode                       Manual/Automatic
Image Mode               White-hot/Highlight/Outline
Power Supply                CR123,18650, Battery Pack
Weight                              78g/110g
Interface External power supply/Analog video (PAL)/RS232
Operating Temperature                           – 40°C~+60°C
Ingress Protection Rating