Insight Technology 3X Afocal Magnifier for MTM

  • 3x magnifier for MTM Mini-Thermal Monocular
  • Improves detection range of MTM thermal monocular to 1500m
  • Improves monocular zoom to 6x
  • Low-distortion Germanium lens

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The MTM 3X Afocal Lens Extender from L3Harris Technologies is a phenomenal accessory for the MTM Thermal Monocular. Its germanium lens provides low distortion and increases detection and recognition ranges by adding 3X magnification to the MTM. The MTM has a built-in 3X magnification capability, which, coupled with the 3X Afocal Lens Extender, gives the operator up to 6X zoom. The magnifier’s lens provides a clear 10.5 degrees Field Of View (8.4 horizontal x 6.3 vertical) and greatly increases the unit’s operational capability during recce or surveillance work.

We highly recommend the MTM 3X Afocal Lens Extender to our LE customers running the MTM Thermal Monocular. It is lightweight and easily portable due to its small size.