BAE Oasys SkeetIR X


The SkeetIR X thermal weapon sight is a credit card-sized observation and
targeting device that allows users to range and pinpoint targets up to
910 meters away.

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The SkeetIR X is the smallest, lightest tactical thermal
imager on the market. It weighs just 9 ounces, giving
users the ability to rapidly acquire targets while
reducing the weight they need to carry into operation.
It also uses less power than traditional cooled systems,
operating more than two hours to help reduce the
extra weight of battery loads. Using just a single
CR123 battery, the system has the power to produce
a 640 x 480 resolution thermal image of the
operational area – day or night.
The SkeetIR X is easily and intuitively used with one
hand, making it simple to locate the various functions,
especially while operating the system in darkness.
The system also enables the use of inherent weapons
and user selectable electronic reticles to support a wide
range of missions.