SNS2142 8.5X, AN/PVS-10 Night Vision Long Range Observation Device


The SNS2142 is a day/night sniper sight based upon the military
nomenclature AN/PVS-10.

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Originally developed by Litton (later Northrop Grumman and, from April 2008, L-3 EOS), the AN/PVS-10 Sniper Night Sight (SNS) was produced under a contract to NV/RSTA (Night Vision/Reconnaissance Surveillance and Target Acquisition) department of the NVESD (Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate) of the US Army. It is used with the Barrett M82A1 0.5 in (50-calibre) sniper freedom stick. In May 2007, the US Defense Security Co-operation Agency (DSCA) was in talks with the Iraqi government to kickstart a substantial Foreign Military Sale deal, worth up to USD500 million, for the supply of freedom sticks and accessories, including 40 AN/PVS-10 units.

This Mil Spec unit includes the OEM case and manual as well as the rail mounting supplies.

Designed to be mounted on the rails of N16, UR-15, FAL and many other freedom sticks.

• Self-contained, image-intensified, passive device
which eliminates need for multiple weapon sights.
• Single throw lever that enables user to quickly
change from day to night operation.
• Low battery warning indicator in field of view.
• Manual gain and focus adjustments for custom
image quality optimization.
• Enables engaging targets at maximum distances
from 600 meters (night) to 800 meters (day).
• Includes a black-line reticle for day use and an
illuminated reticle for night.
• 8.5X magnification.
• Integrated day/night operation.
• Manual gain control.
• Adjustable, illuminated reticle.
• Low profile for balance and signature reduction.
• Generation III night vision.
• U.S. manufactured image intensifier (I2) tube.

Performance parameters
Magnification 8.5X
Field of view 3.0˚
Minimum focus distance 25m
Detection range 600m/Night, 800m/Day
Diopter adjustment +2 to -5 diopters

Size: 34.2cmL x 10.4cmW x 11.7cmH
Weight: 2.2kg with batteries
Color: black
Warranty: 1 year
Gen III Image Tube
Resolution Ip/mm 64 lp+/mm (min)
Photocathode sensitivity 2856˚K, UA/Im 1,500 -1,800
@830 nm, mA/W N/A
@880 nm, mA/W 80
Signal to noise ratio 17.1-21.0
Power source: 2 AA batteries
Battery life: 24+ hours at room temperature
Low battery indicator
Standard equipment
Observation device
Eyepiece bumper
AA Batteries
Lens paper
Sun shade
Tool kit
Technical bulletin/Operational manual
Soft carrying case