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Steiner Model 2740 LPNVM


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Steiner Model 2740 LPNVM

The Model 2740 Low Profile Night Vision Monocular (LPNVM) is the monocular version of the AN/PVS-21 Low Profile Night Vision Goggle and maintains all the same powerful features. The Low Profile Night Vision Monocular has been designed for aggressive special operations capability in air, water, and land environments. The patented low profile design offers 3-4 inches less protrusion than a conventional night vision monocular, enabling a wide range of mission applications.

Product Features:

  • Aggressive ground use over rugged terrain
  • High-speed vehicle operations (ground, water, air)
  • Urban/Close Quarters Battle operations
  • Enhanced situational awareness through sensor overlay
  • Parachute operations (free fall and static line)
Eye Relief 15mm
Operating Altitude sea level to 35,000ft
Operating Temperature Range -30ºC to +52ºC
Immersion 3m standard; 10m special
EMI/EMC mil-std-461, class A#, REO2, RSO2, and RSO3
Weight 760 g
Aux. Illumination Source two IR LEDs – off/low/high
Batteries single AA battery 1.5-3.6V alkaline and lithium batteries are interchangeable
Mount precision, quick-release mounting on helmets and head harnesses
Video Inputs Integrated HUD Port