OASYS UTC xii Universal Thermal Clip-on


UTC xii Universal Thermal Clip-on



Similar to the 17-micron UTCx sight, the 12-micron UTCxii sight supports long-range sniper and surveillance missions but with improved image quality and smaller size, weight, and power requirements for the U.S. military.

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UTC xii Universal Thermal Clip-on

The UTC xii sight is a universal thermal clip-on that detects
and identifies targets in all weather conditions to give shooters
a tactical edge in any mission.
Smaller and lighter than any rival sight, it easily clips
onto existing day optical scopes and has the power
to observe targets through fog, smoke, dust, and
haze. The unit stands alone in its class, putting
more pixels on the target than any other system
to give operators the confidence to observe and
engage threats at nearly any distance – day or night.
Developed with end-user input, it easily operates
with a single hand and will not interfere with
boresight and day-sight indexing methods, making it
simple to use in any situation. It also uses less power
than traditional cooled systems, operating more than
five hours to help reduce extra weight as a result of
battery loads.

Features and benefits
Modular design mounts in-line with any powered (magnifying) scopes, red dot
sights, and holographic sights to support a range of missions
Disturbed reticle helps aid the shooter by providing the ability to move the rifle
scope on target without comprising the sight view
Sub-minute of angle (MOA) ensures pinpoint accuracy when engaging targets
10x magnification allows shooters to positively identify targets between
800 and 1,000 meters
Long-wave infrared sensors detect and recognize threats in all weather conditions
12µm thermal imaging technology creates a higher resolution image, day or
night, with smaller and lighter optics