Wilcox AN/PVS-14 Helmet Mount Shoe


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Wilcox products truly are “Modular by Design” and the PVS‑14 Shoe is no exception. Utilizing the same dovetail shoe interface as seen on our weapon flip mounts, this shoe transitions seamlessly from helmet to weapon. The NVG can be stowed, when not in use, against the helmet keeping the unit low profile. When in the stowed position, the auto on/off switch turns the unit off, conserving battery power. The PVS ‑14 shoe offers left and right eye capability and fits into both the folding and the fixed mount. The PVS ‑14 shoe provides a robust and light weight mounting platform.

  • Right and Left Eye Capability
  • Fits in Folding Arm and Fixed Arm
  • Robust Mounting Solution
  • On/Off Switch