Wilcox MRF Xe Red


Large OLED display outputs ballistic solution in MIL, MOA & INCHES.

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The Wilcox MRF Xe™ is the next generation in our MRF line of products. This low power laser ranging device is decisively designed for snipers and advanced tactical shooters requiring accuracy and precise engagement of targets at extremely long ranges. The MRF Xe is a smaller, lighter, stronger laser ranging device with uncompromising performance superior to its predecessor. The built-in networking capabilities and user interface give the MRF Xe superior maintenance and replenishment connectivity with key auxiliary devices. These leading-edge features increase the warfighter’s lethality and situational awareness.


Includes Ergocto Xe Activation Keypad, with single 20″ cable.

One optical bench houses the red VIS laser and LRF.

Optical bench is aligned to weapon by one windage and one elevation adjustment.

Mounts to any 1913 Picatinny rail secured by 2 shock nuts.

Multi-function keypads provide flexibility in programing custom options.

Five (5) selectable pulse modes on VIS laser settings.

Selectable or auto adjustable laser brightness settings.

On-board ballistic computer calculates temperature, pressure, humidity, inclination, cant and heading.

LRF operation measures 2000 meters to a man-sized target.

Bluetooth interface provides key information on mobile devices and connectivity to auxiliary devices.

Large OLED display outputs ballistic solution in MIL, MOA & INCHES.

Programmable database stores up to 30 rifle and ammo profiles.

Remote port accepts Wilcox line of ERGOCTOTM XeTM Activation Keypads and ERGOCTO Xe Control Grips (optional) .


Battery One (1) CR123 Battery
Battery Life Over 8 Hours
Immersion 1 Meter for 1 Hour
Boresight Retention <.5 mrad
Laser Type Diode Based Laser transmitter & APD Receiver
Laser Classification/Wavelength Class 1/1.55um
Beam Divergence < 1 mrad
Minimum Range 5 Meters
Ranging Operation at 24C >1800 ranges
Max Range @ 30% reflectivity 2000 meters Man Size Target
Max Range @ 30% reflectivity 3000 meters NATO Size Target
Laser Type/Wavelength/Power Red Visible Laser/640nm/< 5mW