AG AiShell aiShell™ Car Cradle Ultra Rugged


Suitable for users who have to insert the housing several times a day into a holder.

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aiShell™ Car Cradle Ultra Rugged

The Car Cradle is the most professional charging and mounting solution. It is particularly suitable for users who have to insert the housing several times a day into a holder in which it can also be loaded immediately. This is important, for example, for delivery drivers and maintenance personnel, but also for rescue services. It only takes seconds to insert or remove the case from the Car Cradle. The charging process starts automatically and ends automatically after the battery is charged.

Instead of a normal lightning cable or the Charging Connector, the waterproof Car Cradle Connector is attached to the base of the aiShell™ here. It is attached there permanently with two screws. On its underside it has two hard gold plated contact surfaces. After inserting it into the Car Cradle, the device is loaded via this.

  • for aiShell mini / mini+ / Air / 9.7 and 10.5™
  • RAM Mount compatible (not supplied with the product)
  • Material: plastic
  • Cable length: 1m, 1,8m or 3m
  • Connection on the cable end: USB-A male, suitable for Apple iPad adapter
  • Not supplied with the product: aiShell™, iPad, RAM Mount modules, Connector
  • We offer the Car Cradle with or without the Connector.

In the past, extremely strong vibrations, e.g. when used in mining or in unsprung vehicles, led to a reduced charging current. For these extreme requirements we have now developed the Ultra Rugged series. Even with strong vibrations it delivers a charging current of 2A and thus ensures the charging of the iPad during operation.

Existing iPads can be equipped with the Ultra Rugged System. Both the Car Cradle and the Connector need to be replaced. Since the new system works with an increased charging voltage of 9V, older systems could be damaged if they are operated in an Ultra Rugged Car Cradle. Therefore we recommend to always renew all existing systems at the same time to avoid confusion.

The Car Cradle has been developed for vehicle use. The best way to do this is to use the well-known RAM mount modules. You can find an overview here. With these mountings it is of course also possible to mount the system on tables, walls, machines and panes.

However, if the system is to be installed in vehicles in which no holes may be drilled, our “No-Drill” solutions are available. We would also be pleased to advise you personally.

Due to the adjustability of the upper and lower half, the Car Cradle is equally suitable for aiShell 9.7  and aiShell mini+.