AN?PVS 31 Battery Power Supply and Cable

Low Profile , IR Strobe

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The 31 Battery Power Supply provides extended battery life to Night Vision devices from four (4) Lithium AA batteries, extending the operating span to 50+ hours for most devices, making it especially useful for BNVD systems using single AA batteries as onboard power sources.

The 31 Battery Power Supply is a standard issue item with the AN/PVS-31A BNVD and AN/PSQ-36 FGE, and has two built-in IR strobes for IFF (Identification Friend/Foe), and is built out of high density glass-filled polymer and contoured to fit most tactical helmets and attaches using Velcro hook affixed to the inside surface of the power supply allowing to act as a counterweight as well, and is compatible with the TNVC Mohawk MK 3 Gen. 2 battery pack/counterweight system.