Mini Thermal Monocular w/ IR Laser Pointer (Black)
Pre Owned Unit with 3x magnifier and bag only

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Mini Thermal Monocular (MTM) is one of the smallest, handiest thermal imagers on the market. Its lightweight polymer body housing fits very comfortably in your hand and is small enough to keep in a pocket. The simple controls are intuitive and operated with few buttons, making the MTM easy to pick up and use by novice operators. The controls are ergonomically laid out and place buttons, literally, at your fingertips. The unit can be fitted with optional accessories making it helmet mountable or adding a magnified lens, extending its capabilities. The inclusion of an integrated visible laser pointer increases functionality exponentially. This feature allows you to point out or mark targets or areas of interest to others when stealth is not a mission requirement. The visible laser version especially lends itself to public safety applications and search & rescue missions.

This incredibly handy thermal imaging monocular features a highly advanced thermal engine that provides some of the best resolution and imaging we have seen to date. This sort of technology is to be expected from a company like Insight who has a long history of providing high quality gear to America’s Warfighters and Law Enforcement Professionals. But, the MTM really shines in its physical characteristics. The unit is the smallest and lightest thermal imager on the market, making it perfect for long operations in the field where every ounce counts. The ability to mount the MTM on a helmet is extremely beneficial for direct action missions where your hands will be needed elsewhere. The MTM also offers built-in image capture, allowing you to employ it like a camera. The images are downloaded to any PC using an included USB cable. The MTM is a truly multi-functional thermal imager that is perfect for reconnaissance, surveillance, and search & rescue missions.

This MTM meets the MilSpec for water resistance and screen pixel quality. It features helmet mount capability, an image/video capture interface and demist shield.