the modular talent

Extendable with attachment lens to 4km range

The device can be mounted directly on firearms (STANAG-Rail) using the particularly repeatable ERATEC mounting. With the different Tripod Rails the device can be adapted to different optical axis heights.

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PumIR™ – The modular talent
Expandable with attachment lens to 4km range.

Our latest thermal imaging attachment is the PumIR. With a total weight of less than 300g and a length of just over 10cm, it is certainly much smaller than the TigIR, but in combination with the appropriate attachment lens, the device even has a 30% higher range of 4km.
Especially this long range combination with a weight clearly below 500g is unique in its compactness worldwide. Due to its low profile design, it is well usable with tactical scopes that have a reflex sight, such as the 4×32 ACOG with RMA from Trijicon. Of course, the PumIR series also has all the popular features of thermal imagers developed by Andres Industries.

Technical data:

  • 640×512 pixels
  • 40mK
  • Application: -32° to +50°C / Storage -40° to +80°C
  • Water protection: IP68
  • Impact protection: MIL 810F 516 IV (26 drops from 1.22m)
  • Video output: digital / USB webcam
  • Screen resolution: 873×500 pixels


  • Length: 104mm
  • width: 80mm
  • height: 56mm
  • Weight: about 320g without accessories


  • Housing: aluminum (hard anodized and scratch resistant ceramic coated).
  • Color: green

Technical changes and additions reserved.





PumIR™ .5 Variants

Why is the image in my attachment so blurry?
You have powerful optics and the best attachment in the world. But when you combine the two, the image is pixelated and blurry? Then they are not properly matched. With the PumIR, we have a solution to this problem for the first time. Both the civilian and government versions are available with a reducing eyepiece optic. This allows the use of riflescopes that have a higher magnification than the recommended 2x magnification. Thus, even with scopes with a 3-4x magnification, the entire image can still be seen. It should be noted that collimation, i.e. shooting the rifle with the PumIR.5, is mandatory.