BAE UTM Universal Thermal Monocular


UTM  Universal Thermal Monocular

(PRE OWNED with FTS mount, Bag and field manual)

The UTM  is a palm-sized  hybrid thermal monosight, featuring dual-band pointing/aiming lasers and thermal sensitivity exceeding that of any rival system.

  • Enables multi-mission capabilities
  • Rugged design with simple menu functions

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UTM  Universal Thermal Monocular

The UTM thermal weapon sight from BAE Systems is the first palm-sized
hybrid thermal mono-sight. It features dual-band pointing/ aiming
lasers and thermal sensitivity exceeding that of any rival system.
The UTM sight is part of the OASYS
thermal imaging product family. With
an operational runtime of more than
five hours using two CR 123 batteries
and a system weight of 18 ounces,
the UTM  sight exceeds competitive
products specifications and performance.
The UTM  sight also utilizes a simple
menu function featuring a single button
press allowing for essential operation
eliminating the need to remember
locations on the device for different
functions while operating the system in

The highest performance thermal
monocular available
Rugged design with simple menu
Pocket-sized, weighs 18 oz.
Battery life exceeds 5 hours
RS-170 video output
100 8-bit bitmap snapshots
Weapon mountable
Digital magnetic compass

Greatly enhances vision at night or in
dust or smoke conditions
Operates in zero light conditions
Remain covert while being able to see
your target

Covertly locate objects without
visible light
Hot spot and disturbed surface
Routine crime watch patrols
Crime scene investigations
Provide a clear picture day or night
Monitor suspect’s day or night
Easily spot suspects in foliage or
under vehicles