Universal Dual Bridges NVG Mount Wilcox L4 G24 for PVS-14 MUM DVO MINI-NSEAS


RQE Style Bridge


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The Universal Bridge is designed to support multi-mission applications, allowing for quick-disconnect of mounted components and providing mix-and-match capabilities for PVS-14, MUM, DVO, MINI-NSEAS without carrying a diverse set of mounts.

The RQE Universal Bridge is a lightweight, highly adaptive interface component for use with a variety of image intensified, DVO, digital, or thermal systems. It is compatible/adaptive to a wide range of legacy electro-optics via common shoe-type or adapter.

The K-Clip has replaced the M-Clip for all configurations using a MUM-style rail, including the FLIR PTQ136 Breach.

The KVC Universal Bridge allows users to pair up a large variety of night vision and thermal monocular systems using RQE mounting accessories. The following accessories are required to attach monoculars to the KVC Universal Bridge:

Bridge only, mount sold separately.